Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 bad habits that inhibit the metabolism

The body's metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy and to optimize the use of the food you eat . The higher your metabolism , the more calories burned too . Metabolism which will help a person maintain ideal body weight in order to stay .

However , not infrequently also slows down metabolism and cause many processes in the body becomes blocked . Metabolism is too slow could cause someone to be overweight or other problems . Slow metabolism is not only caused by genetics, but also by the following bad habits , as reported by the Health Me Up ( 08 / 04 ) .

1 . lack of sleep
One study found that lack of sleep can damage cells. This leads to insulin resistance which can lead to weight gain or diabetes . It also keeps the metabolic rate decreases and slow .

2 . skipping meals
When eating , your metabolism using food to produce energy for body functions . But if you are too often skip meals , your metabolism can not work and so well that the speed was decreased .

3 . Eating processed foods
Eating too many processed foods can also affect the body's metabolic rate . Processed foods such as white bread or white rice can be quickly broken down in the body . This means your body does not need to work hard to digest and cause the metabolism to slow down . Nutritious foods that will keep your metabolism working properly and optimally .

4 . less drinking
A study showed that people who drink 12 glasses of water each day will have a faster metabolism and burn calories faster anyway . People who drink less water or drinking less have a slower metabolism .
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Those are some habits that can inhibit the metabolic processes in the body . If you want your metabolism to work optimally , avoid doing the above habits


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