Saturday, April 26, 2014

Toshiba High - Speed ​​UHS - II , World's Fastest MicroSD Card

Japanese electronics device manufacturers Toshiba intends to debut a microSD card as the fastest in the world . MicroSD card made ​​by Toshiba to be the first in the industry that has the ability High - Speed ​​UHS - II Interface Standard . Also , high- speed interface that is applied to the SD memory card standard Ver . 4.20. Toshiba will provide a variety of capacities ranging from 32GB and 64GB .

With the ability UHS Speed ​​Class 3 ( U3 ) , means Toshiba 's new microSD card enables the capture of high -quality moving images in 4K write speeds of at least 30MB constant / s . It also means that the card can record 4K2K videos , record live broadcasts , and record content on a high-performance camera without a hiccup or suffer loss of quality .
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Toshiba's loaded with 64GB card will come with a maximum read speed of 260MB / s and a maximum write speed of 240MB / s . As for the smaller capacity 32GB card , will have a maximum read speed of 145MB / s and a maximum write speed of 130MB / s . The speed represents an increase in write speed of 8x and 2.7x increase in read speed , when compared to the microSD card UHS -I 32GB Toshiba present .

Until now , there has been no further information regarding pricing details and options available capacity in the future , as well as its availability region . ( Nis )


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