Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joint NGO Report Judges Not to Restore iPod Hygiene Secretary General MA

A number of anti-corruption LSM workers reported that judges do not want to give up child marriages iPod Secretary of the Supreme Court ( MA ) , Nurhadi . Joint LSM report alleged two judges not restore the iPod .

" In the initial investigation , there are two judges initials G and A are not willing to report the gratuity to the Commission , " said Coordinator of law , Indonesian Corruption Watch ( ICW ) , Emerson Juntho , KY Building , Jl Kramat Raya , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/4 / 2014 ) .
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Joint LSM called the Society Coalition Against Corruption , submitted its report to the Commissioner of the Judicial Commission ( KY ) Imam Anshori Saleh . Emerson hopes that KY did crosscheck the report.

" The two men worked as a judge at the court trial in Jakarta and West Java , " he said .

In addition , the LSM asked gabuang KY did crosscheck with the Commission to follow up on the report . Emerson adds , if there are judges who do not want to reset the iPod gratification must be included in the black list .

" Include a list of the names of the judges who are not cooperative , reported the alleged gratuities to the Commission , so that their names removed from the list of candidates who want to be judges of Supreme Court justices in the future , " he concluded .


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