Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joint NGO Report Judges Not to Restore iPod Hygiene Secretary General MA

A number of anti-corruption LSM workers reported that judges do not want to give up child marriages iPod Secretary of the Supreme Court ( MA ) , Nurhadi . Joint LSM report alleged two judges not restore the iPod .

" In the initial investigation , there are two judges initials G and A are not willing to report the gratuity to the Commission , " said Coordinator of law , Indonesian Corruption Watch ( ICW ) , Emerson Juntho , KY Building , Jl Kramat Raya , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/4 / 2014 ) .
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Joint LSM called the Society Coalition Against Corruption , submitted its report to the Commissioner of the Judicial Commission ( KY ) Imam Anshori Saleh . Emerson hopes that KY did crosscheck the report.

" The two men worked as a judge at the court trial in Jakarta and West Java , " he said .

In addition , the LSM asked gabuang KY did crosscheck with the Commission to follow up on the report . Emerson adds , if there are judges who do not want to reset the iPod gratification must be included in the black list .

" Include a list of the names of the judges who are not cooperative , reported the alleged gratuities to the Commission , so that their names removed from the list of candidates who want to be judges of Supreme Court justices in the future , " he concluded .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Abbas: Israel admits Palestinian Joint Government

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) , hinted he remained committed to Israel peace talks related government-sponsored U.S. .

Abbas affirmed the Palestinian unity government has agreed to recognize the existence of Israel as a state . Abbas issued this statement seems to assuage Western concerns related Fatah and Hamas unity agreement that formed a few days ago .
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The concern arises because Hamas is a militant organization whose aim is to destroy Israel and the United States included in the list of terrorist organizations .

" The government shall be under the command and my policy , " Abbas told senior leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ) in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah , West Bank .

" I acknowledge the existence of Israel and the government ( united ) will recognize Israel . I reject all forms of violence and terrorism , " said Abbas .

Hamas and Fatah , led by Mahmoud Abbas , agreed to form an independent government of technocrats contains within five weeks and then hold elections within six months.

Hamas is still a different outlook about Israel are not necessarily considered to be contrary to Abbas . Therefore , both parties shared governance sekapat this will not include Hamas members in it .

" The recognition of Israel by the Palestinian Authority president , Mahmoud Abbas , is not new . Important thing is Hamas will not and will never recognize Israel , " said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri .

Mahmoud Abbas wants Palestinian state comprised of the Gaza Strip , the West Bank and East Jerusalem . Everything is territory Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War .

Hamas , which controls the Gaza Strip from the hands of the secular Fatah in 2007 , has thousands of fighters are equipped with a variety of weapons including rocket . Hamas has repeatedly engaged in combat with Israel since the control of the enclave .


Toshiba High - Speed ​​UHS - II , World's Fastest MicroSD Card

Japanese electronics device manufacturers Toshiba intends to debut a microSD card as the fastest in the world . MicroSD card made ​​by Toshiba to be the first in the industry that has the ability High - Speed ​​UHS - II Interface Standard . Also , high- speed interface that is applied to the SD memory card standard Ver . 4.20. Toshiba will provide a variety of capacities ranging from 32GB and 64GB .

With the ability UHS Speed ​​Class 3 ( U3 ) , means Toshiba 's new microSD card enables the capture of high -quality moving images in 4K write speeds of at least 30MB constant / s . It also means that the card can record 4K2K videos , record live broadcasts , and record content on a high-performance camera without a hiccup or suffer loss of quality .
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Toshiba's loaded with 64GB card will come with a maximum read speed of 260MB / s and a maximum write speed of 240MB / s . As for the smaller capacity 32GB card , will have a maximum read speed of 145MB / s and a maximum write speed of 130MB / s . The speed represents an increase in write speed of 8x and 2.7x increase in read speed , when compared to the microSD card UHS -I 32GB Toshiba present .

Until now , there has been no further information regarding pricing details and options available capacity in the future , as well as its availability region . ( Nis )


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Interesting, Swimming Pool Transformed So Beautiful Boutique

Architect Nobuo Araki of the Archetype just finished renovating a facility such as swimming pool on the ground floor of an apartment building in Tokyo. The pool at the apartments from the 1970s this is no longer used .

In fact , the space can be reused for various other purposes , including commercial space . For Araki , this golden opportunity . He was just a little change to get the look that much different space .

Araki has been " gently " updating the facility . First of all , he and his team ensure that sunlight can enter into this facility is quite a lot . They use glass ceiling to make it happen .

Then , another thing that is most visible in the ceramic polishing the facility . The interface is no longer dull as before .

Araki does not change a lot of things . Form of an existing niche in this facility unpunished . He just adds a bigger ladder so that the inside of the pool can be accessed easily . Moreover , to equate the pond surface height , Araki and his team partially closing the glass floor .

Araki added a kind of steel pipe which resembles the existing stairs in the pool to hang the cabinets storefront . The same pipes hanging from the ceiling but also used as a clothes hanger .
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Facilities are located in Minato Ward , Tokyo , Japan has an area of ​​161.4 m2 . In the blueprint , it appears that Araki not only provides for a boutique showrooms , but also a fitting room and two storage rooms stock .


KPK to Investigate Case For Four Months CPC Chairman

KPK spokesman Johan Budi Sapto Prabowo , said the agency had four months to investigate the case taxes PT Bank Central Asia, which dragged the former Chairman of the Audit Board Hadi Purnomo as a suspect . ( Read also : Hadi Purnomo So Suspect in Birthday ) .

According to Johan , the reason for the Commission not long ago ensnare Hadi is related to the case report , new to the Commission in 2013 . " Investigation four months , from entering the public reports to the Commission last year , " Johan said the KPK building , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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On 21 April 2014 , the Commission set Hadi as a suspect . He was named as a suspect related to his position as Director General of Taxes , Ministry of Finance 2002-2004 period . Hadi allegedly changing decision that PT Bank Central Asia is not so deposited USD 375 billion in tax dollars .

"The Commission found evidence Akura . Having done his case , establish HP as the brother of the suspect , " said Abraham . ( see also : Hadi Purnomo Endangered 20 Year Bui Punishment ) .

Hadi presumed to Article 2 , paragraph 1 and / or Article 3 of Law 31 of 1999 on Eradication of Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of unity . " Unlawful acts committed HP brothers , namely abuse of authority in accepting all requests BCA objection , " said Abraham .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

4.5 Million Smartphones Stolen in the U.S.

CALIFORNIA - A recent report revealed that 4.5 million smartphones were missing or stolen in 2013 in the United States ( U.S. ) . The theft rate has increased since 2012 .

In 2012 , the lost and stolen smartphones reached 2.8 million units . Reported Phys , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) , according to data from the Consumer Reports survey , this smartphone theft rate increases since 2012 , to 3.1 million in 2013 .

More than 3,100 Americans participate in the survey . " Our survey shows the number of lost and stolen smartphones has increased , " said Glenn DeRene , Consumer Reports ' Electronics Editor .
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Most of the lost smartphone , users claim to not keep their personal data with basic security measures . Consumer Reports recommends , users should apply the most basic security settings to lock the smartphone through a four -digit lock code .

The survey comes not long after the manufacturing of mobile phones and wireless carriers announced their commitment to start providing basic anti -theft tools on all smartphones in July 2015 . These tools enables smartphone users to remotely lock and wipe features for the data on the phone remotely . ( ahl )


Rupiah Depressed When Wait Coalition Political Parties

The rupiah re- tested strength entering the fourth week in April , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) . Rupiah projected depressed because of external and internal sentiment , especially public waiting over a coalition of political parties ahead of the Presidential election .

10 -year bond yields approaching 8 percent , the rupiah has not moved out of the range of Rp 11400-11450 per U.S. dollar . There has been no movement on the rupiah despite solid U.S. data repair has returned the strengthening trend of the U.S. dollar in the global market .

Samuel Securities Research estimate the Indonesian rupiah weakened earlier this week along with other Asian currencies . This week is expected to announce some party coalition strategy together with the names of the presidential candidates and their representatives and their effects on the rupiah is unavoidable .

Of external activities , Dollar Index and the S & P 500 has remained strong . Midweek U.S. employment data reported is not as bad as expected , so the Dollar Index and U.S. Treasury 10 -year yields are still not stop the trend of the increase .

Later that night , the U.S. Leading Index Data will be announced and are expected to improve so that optimism over the pace of the U.S. economy will still be awake .
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This morning the Japanese trade balance deteriorated so that the future weakening of the yen against the U.S. dollar is expected to be visible .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Islamic Political Party Coalition, Presidential Candidate Who And His Vice President Candidate?

Political analyst from the University of Indonesia ( UI ) , Hamdi Muluk , questioning the discourse coalition Muslim-based political parties and presidential candidates and carrying the vice presidential candidate himself . He considered , Islamic political parties do not have a strong character to compete in the upcoming presidential election .

" The question is if you want a coalition of Islamic parties , which would dimajuin as a candidate and cawpresnya who? " Hamdi said when contacted , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

Hamdi judge , electability leaders of Islamic political parties currently low . He doubted leaders of Islamic political parties can compete with the leaders of the nationalist parties , such as the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo and presidential candidate Prabowo from Gerindra . Two names are predicted to be a strong candidate presidential candidates .

" Who's Islamic party leader who can compete with Jokowi or Prabowo ? That should really think about , " he said .

What's more , he added , the upcoming presidential election , the people will not be too saw the pair of presidential and vice presidential party background . According to him , the people will exercise their voting rights by looking at how the quality of the presidential and vice presidential spouse . Although mathematical terms , according to Hamdi , Islamic political parties still have a chance to coalesce and carries its own vice presidential candidate .

" So , actually if you want to form a coalition realistic . PAN , PKB , PKS , PPP , and the UN was right when combined had more than 30 percent . , But , it was, who the presidential candidate and his running mate truly be reckoned with , " said Hamdi .

On Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) night , a number of figures and leaders of political parties and Islamic mass -based organizations conduct a closed meeting in the House of Hashim Ning Ratna , in Cikini area , Central Jakarta . The meeting was initiated by the desire to accommodate the aspirations of these parties unite and carries its own candidate in the presidential election of 2014.
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Present at the meeting include Chairman of the Advisory Council of the PAN , Amien Rais , President of MCC Anis Matta , Treasurer Bahrudin Nashori DPP PKB and PAN DPP Chairman Anwar Abubakar . Also present Wasekjen MCC Fahri Hamzah, a PKS faction in the House of Representatives Chairman Hidayat Nur Wahid , Vice- Chairman of the MUI KH ​​Amidhan , and Waketum PPP Emron Pangkapi .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TNI chief: Indonesian Food Policy as Patient Use Infusion

Indonesian Armed Forces ( TNI ) General Moeldoko assess national food policy likened the patients who rely on the IV .

When the IV is revoked , then the patient could have died. " Food we , our logistics , it was like a drip. Fruits that we should be planting their own instead of imports , mostly imported rice , salt also mostly imported . Revoked if the IV , we could die , " said Moeldoko , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014 ) .

In order not to rely on food imports , Indonesia should be independent of the food . " It is desirable that the spirit , the spirit not to import , not pragmatic thinking , and a desire to move forward together , " he stated .

Related to economic growth in Indonesia , Moeldoko revealed , at least there are several factors reinforcement . First , by using the momentum of the crisis in Western countries .

" Second , establish nationalism in the country with the potential to protect against geopolitical and geoekonomi of various forms of foreign intervention . Then increase the capacity of human resources , " said Moeldoko .
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Former Chief of Staff of the Army ( Chief of Staff ) it mentions , Indonesia has a lot of potential to be developed . Key to the success of the Indonesian economy began when the government is able to oversee a transition to democracy in the post - democracy safe and stable .


Microsoft Ask Pebble Create Special Applications in Windows Phone

Pebble become one brand that is synonymous with smart products watches most popular wearable device on the market today . Unfortunately , while the Pebble smart watches can only be integrated with iOS and Android -based devices .

It was reportedly made ​​Micorosft jealous of iOS and Android integration capabilities with Pebble . The company is headquartered in Redmond , Washington are then approached Pebble to bring support in the Windows Phone platform .

Sam Stokes as Engineer Micoroft even willing to reveal the intention of the company to write openly on the blog Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ) to express his hope to have the support of the Pebble .

Stokes claimed that Pebble for Windows Phone app is not officially available . Unfortunately , users can not fully enjoy all the features like on Android and iOS .
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Stoke said it had carried hour conversation with engineers Pebble . He also said he was surprised because the engineer did not know that the interface used for Windows 8 with the same interface they use on the iPhone .

" We will explore the possibility of cooperation with the Pebble Watch , " said Stoke as reported by Phone Arena , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Although Microsoft engineers and Pebble been met , it does not mean the application will be present at the official Pebble Windows Phone . However , this meeting has been showing the progress and interest of both companies to establish cooperation


Monday, April 14, 2014

Get ready, BI Survey mortgage Flowers Call To KTA Will Rise

Jakarta - A recent survey by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) projections about bank credit in the year mentioned , the trend in bank lending will rise in all sectors , due to higher deposit rates .

From the survey quoted on Tuesday ( 15/4/201 ) , the upward trend in lending is credit growth in 2014 fell to only 18 % .

In the second quarter of 2014, the BI said , would be an increase in interest for all types of credit . For working capital loans , interest rates are expected to rise 20 basis points ( bps ) to 13.04 % . While consumer credit ( credit cards , loans without greatness / KTA ) will be increased by 8 bps to 14.82 % . While mortgage interest / apartment (mortgage / KPA ) and vehicle loans will rise each 13 bps and 19 bps .
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For KPR / KPA , in the second quarter 2014 interest will be in the range of 10.31 % -14.39 % . While vehicle loans credit interest will be in the range of 10.19 % -17.28 % .

BI said the main priority of new bank lending is still the same as the previous quarter , ie working capital loans , mortgages / KPA , and credit for the wholesale and retail trade sector .

As for the whole 2014, the Bank stated , interest on deposits and loans in the form of dollars in the bank will go up significantly compared to the average in 2013 ago.

Interest working capital loans , investment loans , and consumer loans to rise each 53 bps , 90 bps , 91 bps and . The difference in deposit with the credit this year would have spread 7.07% for working capital loans , 6.62% for investment loans , and 8.36% for consumer credit . As for the mortgage / KPA and motor vehicle will have a spread of 5.85 % , respectively , and 7.26% .

Here's a list of mortgage interest for the year based on the results of a survey of BI :

Kredit modal kerja (rupiah) 10,42%-16,64%
Kredit investasi (rupiah) 10,36%-15,8%
Kredit konsumsi (rupiah) 10,92%-18,71%
Kredit modal kerja (dolar) 4,05%-8,61%
Kredit investasi (dolar) 4,16%-8,83%
Kredit konsumsi (dolar) 3,74%-9,5%
KPR/KPA 10,26%-14,35%
Kredit kendaraan bermotor 10,21%-17,24%
Kartu kredit 20,91%-37,81%
Kredit multiguna 11,56%-18,74%
Kredit Tanpa Agunan (KTA) 15,52%-28,14%


Sunday, April 13, 2014

BMW Develops LED to Replace LED Lights

BMW developed a tech light organic light emitting diode ( OLED ) , for cars and motorcycles . Unlike LEDs , the lamp uses a thin semiconductor layer , which is made from organic polymers to produce light . Claimed , this technology will not be easy to make the lights more heat and energy efficient .

Explained , LED fluorescent angle of one point , so it looks less bright when viewed from another angle . That is why , the LED should use a reflector to reduce this effect , and make the area wider light beam . While OLED is able to fluoresce to a wider area without reducing the intensity of light and do not need reflectors .

OLEDs are very thin semiconductor layer , approximately 150 times thinner than a human hair . This layer is fastened with a conductive layer between two films of plastic or glass . In total , all the layers were only 0.8 to 1.5 mm thick .

Until now , OLED technology is not fully applicable to the motorcycle lights . Just enough light density and fitting is used as a back light . As for the brake lights and turn signal need help to make it bright enough . The solution , adding LEDs , when introducing the concept of the design of this lamp .

Back light OLED prototype has been implemented for the BMW K1600GTL . For the brake lights and turn signal given additional conventional LEDs . The composition of the " hybrid " makes the luminescence light becomes highly variable , even able to issue a three-dimensional effect .
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BMW said it could set up a motorcycle with light technology " OLED hybrid " in two or three years into the future . While in the longer term again , this German vehicle manufacturer will produce brake and turn signal lights , headlights even just with OLED technology .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Best Apple Employee Resigns

CUPERTINO - A leaked internal emails Apple employees in a virtual world that reveals the news of the resignation of one of the best employees of Apple .

He is Greg Christie previously served as Chief of the Division of Human Interface at Apple , resigned recently . Christie was one of the employees who witnessed the creation of the first iPhone mobile phone to flourish today. And this guy too much to contribute in the development of the iPhone features .

Christie is a feature that presents the ' slide to unlock ' , ie sweep screen to unlock the phone . He has also managed to record 100 patents for Apple's technology , including the feature ' slide to unlock ' , and still has 31 other patents that have not been unveiled .
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One of the best of Apple 's employees have worked at the iPhone maker diving 18 years , including two and a half years working on a special division of Apple iPhone . Reportedly , as reported by PhoneArena , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , Christie resigned from Apple because of different opinions to quarrel with the boss of Apple designer , Jony Ive .

resigned recently. Christie was one of the employees who witnessed the creation of the first iPhone handset to evolve as current


Gunungkidul Supervisory Committee: Worst Election 2014

Election supervisory committee Gunung Kidul , Yogyakarta , assessing general elections 2014 Legislative worst in this region compared to the 2004 elections and 2009 elections .

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Buchori Ikhsan at South Mountain South Mountain , on Thursday , said that the phase of the election , Wednesday ( 9/4 ) there is a shortage and excess ballots , then switched to voting ballots must be repeated .

" We deplore these issues . 's Logistical administrative errors that are not careful . We assess the implementation of the 2014 election is the worst election than ever before , " said Buchori .

According to him , the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) do not seem ready to hold elections , though some polling stations ( TPS ) is experiencing a shortage and excess ballots , and the ballots are swapped at the time immediately replaced and voting resumed .

"Events deficiency , excess ballots and voting ballots are swapped to re- show the unpreparedness Commission Gunung Kidul in an election , " he said .

As in Hamlet TPS Bejiharjo Sky View Village , District Karangmojo , as many as 125 sheets of ballot papers to be confused with other constituencies .

While at TPS 26 Hamlet Village Gelaran Bejiharjo , Karangmojo ballots for provincial assembly approximately 125 sheets . The same thing also happened on 3 polling stations Gondang Ngawis village , Karangmojo ballots for Parliament Gunung Kidul less 25 .

In addition , TPS 8 Kemorosari Hamlet , Village Piyaman , District Wonosari , as many as 125 ballots from two constituencies covering Ngawen , Nglipar , Gedangsari and Patuk , confused by ballots dapil I includes Wonosari , Playen and Semanu .

From a total of 125 votes were exchanged , existing letter punched ballots . By the committee organizing the group voting ( KPPS ) local witnesses , the Commission and panwascam , ballots are swapped directly replaced .

Related to the issue of re- election polling 06 Bulurejo Hamlet , Village Spray , Wonosari , further Buchori , originated from one of the voters who will cast their choice of candidates , it was not on the ballot .

After that , the voters report to KPPS that candidate does not exist . After checking KPPS ballots , apparently confused . In fact , as many as 255 people have been voting .
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" That is , the Commission is not careful , KPPS not careful , and citizens as voters are also less accurate . However , on this issue has been agreed will be made for re-election on Sunday, April 13 , " he said .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keywords What Most Wanted on the Internet Today?

General Election ( Election ) Day 2014 was held throughout the country . No wonder so many people who want to get information about the election , either via television and the Internet .

Of three ( 3 ) keywords most searched on Google search engine until this afternoon , two of which are related to the election . According to Google Trends data , the keywords typed many Indonesian users in the Google search engine today is the ' Champions League ' , with more than 20,000 search engines .

Apparently in addition to election news , the complete results of the Champions League quarter-final match hunted many football fans . In the second most searched keyword today is ' Gerindra ' the number of searches over 5,000 engines , and the ' Presidential Candidate 2014 ' by the number of well over 5,000 engines . (see also: pakan burung pleci)

The day before the 2014 election was held , noting that the Google search engine keyword searches on Election dominate Google search engine Indonesia , with the keyword : election 2014 , election , Abstentions , 2014 candidates .

Here's a list of the most popular searches for a while today , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) until around 15:31 pm :
1 . Champions League Results
2 . Gerindra
3 . 2014 Presidential Candidates

And the following 10 most popular searches at Google Indonesia on Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) , a day ahead of election was held :
1 . Chelsea vs PSG
2 . Agnes Monica
3 . Real Madrid
4 . 2014 election
5 . Election
6 . abstentions
7 . 2014 candidates
8 . Syahrini
9 . Peaches Geldof
10 . Dawn attack


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 bad habits that inhibit the metabolism

The body's metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy and to optimize the use of the food you eat . The higher your metabolism , the more calories burned too . Metabolism which will help a person maintain ideal body weight in order to stay .

However , not infrequently also slows down metabolism and cause many processes in the body becomes blocked . Metabolism is too slow could cause someone to be overweight or other problems . Slow metabolism is not only caused by genetics, but also by the following bad habits , as reported by the Health Me Up ( 08 / 04 ) .

1 . lack of sleep
One study found that lack of sleep can damage cells. This leads to insulin resistance which can lead to weight gain or diabetes . It also keeps the metabolic rate decreases and slow .

2 . skipping meals
When eating , your metabolism using food to produce energy for body functions . But if you are too often skip meals , your metabolism can not work and so well that the speed was decreased .

3 . Eating processed foods
Eating too many processed foods can also affect the body's metabolic rate . Processed foods such as white bread or white rice can be quickly broken down in the body . This means your body does not need to work hard to digest and cause the metabolism to slow down . Nutritious foods that will keep your metabolism working properly and optimally .

4 . less drinking
A study showed that people who drink 12 glasses of water each day will have a faster metabolism and burn calories faster anyway . People who drink less water or drinking less have a slower metabolism .
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Those are some habits that can inhibit the metabolic processes in the body . If you want your metabolism to work optimally , avoid doing the above habits