Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TNI chief: Indonesian Food Policy as Patient Use Infusion

Indonesian Armed Forces ( TNI ) General Moeldoko assess national food policy likened the patients who rely on the IV .

When the IV is revoked , then the patient could have died. " Food we , our logistics , it was like a drip. Fruits that we should be planting their own instead of imports , mostly imported rice , salt also mostly imported . Revoked if the IV , we could die , " said Moeldoko , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014 ) .

In order not to rely on food imports , Indonesia should be independent of the food . " It is desirable that the spirit , the spirit not to import , not pragmatic thinking , and a desire to move forward together , " he stated .

Related to economic growth in Indonesia , Moeldoko revealed , at least there are several factors reinforcement . First , by using the momentum of the crisis in Western countries .

" Second , establish nationalism in the country with the potential to protect against geopolitical and geoekonomi of various forms of foreign intervention . Then increase the capacity of human resources , " said Moeldoko .
(see also: ciri-ciri kenari af )

Former Chief of Staff of the Army ( Chief of Staff ) it mentions , Indonesia has a lot of potential to be developed . Key to the success of the Indonesian economy began when the government is able to oversee a transition to democracy in the post - democracy safe and stable .


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