Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rupiah Depressed When Wait Coalition Political Parties

The rupiah re- tested strength entering the fourth week in April , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) . Rupiah projected depressed because of external and internal sentiment , especially public waiting over a coalition of political parties ahead of the Presidential election .

10 -year bond yields approaching 8 percent , the rupiah has not moved out of the range of Rp 11400-11450 per U.S. dollar . There has been no movement on the rupiah despite solid U.S. data repair has returned the strengthening trend of the U.S. dollar in the global market .

Samuel Securities Research estimate the Indonesian rupiah weakened earlier this week along with other Asian currencies . This week is expected to announce some party coalition strategy together with the names of the presidential candidates and their representatives and their effects on the rupiah is unavoidable .

Of external activities , Dollar Index and the S & P 500 has remained strong . Midweek U.S. employment data reported is not as bad as expected , so the Dollar Index and U.S. Treasury 10 -year yields are still not stop the trend of the increase .

Later that night , the U.S. Leading Index Data will be announced and are expected to improve so that optimism over the pace of the U.S. economy will still be awake .
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This morning the Japanese trade balance deteriorated so that the future weakening of the yen against the U.S. dollar is expected to be visible .


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