Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jokowi Will Meet SBY-JK Convey Vision and Mission

Presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate , Joko Widodo -Kalla , in the near future will be a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .

The meeting was to discuss the vision and mission that carried the couple in the face of the presidential election of 2014.

" O yes dong . Was it open , " said JK , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) yesterday , when asked if Democrats would welcome a desire to know the vision and mission of each candidate pair .
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However, JK did not say when the meeting time certainty . However , he was sure if he would meet SBY and Jokowi . " Definitely dong , God willing , " he said .

Previously , the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has uploaded the vision , mission , and work programs Jokowi- JK and Prabowo - Hatta on page www.kpu.go.id. Now , it's time for the public to view it critically .

Vision , mission , and programs of action Jokowi - JK thick 42 pages entitled " Change the Way for Indonesia's Sovereign , Independent , and personality " . Prabowo - Hatta send the vision , mission , and programs as much as 9 pages .

Vision mission JK Jokowi 12 strategic agenda outlined in the fields of politics , economics 16 strategic agenda , as well as three strategic agenda personality and cultural fields . Of the 31 strategic agenda was squeezed into 9 priority agenda , Nawa Cita .

Meanwhile , Prabowo pair - Hatta decrease in vision mission " Eight Real Agenda and Program to Save Indonesia " .

Both partners also deliver detailed work programs of each of the various fields , ranging from economic , political , social, cultural , educational , environmental , and government bureaucracy , to energy . However , little is accessing the vision of the mission due to lack of socialization .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Push Presidential Election Integrity, Formappi Envelope Submit to the Commission

Indonesian Parliament Concerned Citizens Forum ( Formappi ) handed " Envelope Political Accountability " to the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) . Submission of this envelope is a form of action that is performed in order to encourage Formappi presidential election integrity , dignity , and free from money politics .

" Envelope often symbolized practice bribery or money politics . So if people give envelopes identical to give something , give money to bribe the other party . Therefore we do otherwise , we give the envelope as cons of campaign bribes , as accountability envelope , the envelope is given symbolically to the Commission , " said Chairman Sebastian Salang Formappi in Building Commission , Brass .

Sebastian handed a brown envelope marked " Envelope Political Accountability " to one of the public relations staff of the Commission in the presence of the media . The envelope containing a piece of paper and flyers Formappi statement that encourages the organization of the presidential election conducted in a dignified manner .

Sebastian said he handed the envelope to the Commission because the anti-corruption agency is an institution whose integrity is recognized that the Commission deems appropriate communities to encourage piplres dignified campaign .
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According to him , Formappi not want penyenggaraan presidential election running as organizing legislative elections last month . Sebastian calls pileg held last month as a brutal election .

" As it turns out this election was marred kecuangan practice , practice transactions , money politics exceptional , and the results that we get 560 members of the House who now has announced the Commission , " he said .

Formappi , he added , would also like to encourage the election organizers can later act professional , accountable , and transparent . The organizers shall not engage in election vote-buying transactions . " There should be received bribes from the pair -vice presidential candidate yet. If no spouse or his campaign team did attempt to bribe , then the election organizers had to report , " said Sebastian .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Cutting salaries protest, the Swiss Police Duty Short Pants

Police in Switzerland have eccentric way to protest their pay cuts policy .
They will take off the uniform at home and police duties in shorts .

The conventional way of protest will also be attended by civil authorities .
Public agency reports penyiran Switzerland , RTS . The action will begin on Monday.

United head the Swiss Police , Christian Antonietti , justify , plan of action to protest the police payroll deduction plan their policies .

" We were really upset , and we feel betrayed , and we will not accept this , " he said as reported by news.com.au , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

According to him , the United Police has supported the restructuring , but not by cutting wages and benefits .
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Not only that , the Swiss police will not shave their mustache or beard , so impressed was not neat .

Dressed like that , they will still be wearing a police hat and served as normal as an expression of their unhappiness .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Singapore Airlines Aircraft Slipping in Myanmar

A Singapore Airlines plane skidded off the runway while landing in heavy rain conditions in Myanmar Yangon International Airport on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . No injuries in the incident , the airline said Thursday .

An Airbus A330 " face of heavy rain and a little turned off the runway while landing " on Wednesday , at 09:20 local time , before directed back safely , the airline said in a statement . " The plane was towed to the gate and the passengers get off as normal . " The airline added that a replacement aircraft has been sent to Yangon airport for flight back to Singapore .

The plane , flight number SQ998 was serving a daily route to Myanmar , carrying 265 passengers and crew , the airline said the AFP news agency .
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On May 9 , an Airbus A380 super jumbo aircraft operated by the airline on a flight to Hong Kong was forced to return to Singapore after the pilots received a warning about a problem with the cargo door .

In January , one of the airline 's A380 fleet was forced to make an emergency landing in Azerbaijan after decreasing the air pressure in the cabin . These are then told , an investigation into the incident focused on the main deck door that appears to have a leak .

Singapore Airlines has 19 A380s unit with five others in the booking . The planes were operated on routes from Singapore to various destinations including Hong Kong , Frankfurt , London , and Los Angeles .


Monday, May 19, 2014

BI: Join the Influence of External Conditions Domestic Economic Conditions

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) said in scrutinizing the national economic slowdown , not only the internal conditions that must be considered . External conditions must be observed , as can tertransmisi into the domestic economy .

Executive Director of the Department of macroprudential policy Darsono BI said , one of the global risks that have been observed BI and other financial authorities is the policy of withdrawal of monetary stimulus by the Federal Reserve or tapering off .
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" External conditions macro must also be considered , one of which U.S. tapering off . However , the domestic financial system we are familiar with it and have made efforts anticipatory . Been associated lah price in matters related tapering off , " said Darsono in BI Headquarters , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Darsono mentioned , issues related to the financial system not only in terms of domestic , global issues were no less important . From the global aspect , he said , global issues can come creeping into other countries .

He gave the example of a financial crisis that occurred in 2008. " From a global aspect , the financial system that can live to rampant inter-state . Bankrupt or insolvent But if ya domestic affairs . We learned from the global crisis in the U.S. for example, when Lehman Brothers . Impact could spread to other countries , " said Darsono .

Darsono explained , in the event of a global risk , can quickly spread to the domestic financial sector . At the start of the stock market , bond market , and continues to the foreign exchange market . Therefore, the Bank is continuously monitoring these risks and mitigate the risks that exist so that the national financial sector remains healthy and intact.

"If the affected globally , it will have an impact well into the financial industry . There is also the impact of the debtor . If the corporations or individuals who become debtors of banks affected by external conditions , for example , we also would be impacted , " he explained .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Horror Game Developers DreadOut Made In Bandung

DreadOut horror game development studios in June last year awarded the Best Startup . Latest game featuring high school student leaders officially launched .

When you access http://dreadout.com/ , then you find that the game displays this ghost can be obtained through an online distribution platform , Steam . This game was created by a developer from Bandung , Digital Hapiness .

Legal time to play the beta version of the game . This game presents the impression of horror , environment evening , dark , dead lights and hand-held phones capitalize character named Linda .

Overview Fatal Frame game is similar , but the taste of Indonesia is very thick with ghosts emergence of Indonesia, such kuntilanak or pocong . Not only that , when you explore the environments in the game , will find a variety of objects such as furniture craftsmen who exactly made ​​in Indonesia .

If there are sightings of ghosts , players must be ready to steer Linda held mobile phone to photograph the spirits . There are signs on the sides of the screen , shows Linda possessed a sixth sense when ghosts begin to appear .
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In its website , the game can be played with the minimum requirements of the PC hardware like an Intel Dual - Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon Dual - Core 2.5 GHz . Problem graphics , 3D gaming nation's children is admirable .

Gamers do not need to have a graphics card high-end . DreadOut can be played by using NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD 3830 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB ​​VRAM minimum 128 Bit .

A minimum of 2GB of RAM is qualified to play a game that makes you shiver chilling . DreadOut supports OS Windows 7 or 8 ( 64 bits ) .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deputy Mayor Rejects Closure Gang Dolly Surabaya

Deputy Mayor Vishnu Sakti Buana Surabaya reject prostitution Dolly lokalisi closing on June 19 . Chairman of the PDI - P Surabaya Surabaya City Government was asked to review the closing time until local people are really ready .

Vishnu rate, people have not fully accepted the concept of recovery offered post - closure Surabaya City Gang Dolly .

" City Government should be more intensively to meet with local people and formulate the best concept of mutual benefit , " he said , Monday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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According to Brown , if only to give severance to commercial sex workers ( CSW ) and also a pimp , it's not a solution . The responsibility of the municipal government , said Vishnu , ensuring the sustainability of the income of its citizens .

"If Dolly is closed , the city government must ensure that the income of local people have long relied on prostitution activities such as selling cigarettes , parking attendants , laundress , and other work , " said Vishnu .

If Dolly is closed , said Vishnu , certainly appears many veiled prostitution , shaped boarding house , adult karaoke , massage parlors , and so on , which would prejudice the City Government . Now alone , said Vishnu , many emerging boarding house who use obscene .

Surabaya City , East Java provincial government supported , will close localization reputedly the largest in Southeast Asia on June 19 or before the month of fasting .

Billions budget prepared for severance prostitutes and pimps , prostitutes training , buy a house and localization . Currently , there are approximately 1,080 sex workers in complex operating Dolly . They are active in dozens of house with about 300 more pimping .


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vimeo Blocked Because Nudity Shake ?

Video sharing service Vimeo has been ordered to be blocked because according Tifatul Sembiring 's site contains pornographic content payload .

" The report from the Trust team + that Vimeo explicitly contain pornographic content . Teams Trust + gives instructions for unblocking Vimeo , " says @ tifsembiring on Twitter .

But unfortunately , many of the accused if it is just a trick I can to cover the release of a video Nudity in a campaign party stronghold close to the minister .

One of them received such emails from readers who detikINET send the video link titled " Rocking Nudity in MCC Candidates Campaign on Vimeo " .

In the video duration 3 minutes 29 seconds it was exposed very clearly a dangdut singer dressed in a tight white transparent sexy swaying in an event . It also got crowded fuss on Twitter with a target account @ tifsembiring .

When confirmed , Telkom join Vimeo received orders blocking of the list of Trust + Ministry of Communications also claimed to not know anything about the existence of a supposedly sexy content so this causal blocking .

" There is no interest from Speedy to block . Everything we do is based on an update of the Trust + Kominfo admin letter we received dated May 9, 2014 , " said Vice President of Public Relations Arif Telkom Prabowo .
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Tifatul also denied rocking Nudity on Vimeo MCC was part of the campaign . " This video slander , no campaigns such as the MCC . Sdh We check , the event Nudity and banners plastered MCC ... , " countered @ tifsembiring .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ministry of Social HR prepare reliable tackle social issues

Ministry of Social Affairs to prepare human resources ( HR ) to reliably address the social problems that continue to thrive today .

" Solving social problems can not only be reactive approach but must be supported structured trained personnel , " said Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Toto Utomo, Budi Santosa in a press statement received by AFP , at Balikpapan on Saturday .

It was announced by Toto currently provide guidance on the implementation of the event welcomed the strengthening of human resources Bureaucratic Reform in Lembang , West Java.
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Social problems in various areas growing very rapidly , not only the issue of street children , persons with disabilities , and neglected elderly alone . Currently developing a new phenomenon , namely the rise of social conflict and violence in the family and the child .

HR reliably prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs in addition to elements of society , such as the Disaster Response Team , Rapid Response Team , Social Welfare Society , also the position of the organizers of the management in this regard to the Ministry of Social Affairs employee .

Ministry of Social Affairs in accordance with tupoksinya have some sphere of work in accordance with the Law No. 11 Year 2009 on Social Welfare , the disaster , neglect , disability , disability , poverty , isolation , and violence .

In its implementation is divided in social rehabilitation , social empowerment , social protection and social security .

To improve the performance of employees , Kemensos perform a variety of technical and managerial training , including refresher employee with the dynamics in the open method as practiced in Lembang today .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Presidential Election, More Yammer's running mate

General Election 2014 is regarded as a rare moment for the determination of vice presidential candidates more attention than the presidential candidate determination . Political observers from the National University of Alvan Alfian rate, this figure is predicted to occur due to fight on stage election has the same weaknesses and strengths .

" 2014 Presidential Election is a showcase of the hottest running mate search . Due to my opinion , the candidate that is poking the average has advantages and drawbacks are almost the same , " said Alvan , in a discussion , in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) .
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Alvan explained , in his observations , most likely in the presidential election next fight will only involve Prabowo from Gerindra and Joko Widodo of the PDI - P.

" Jokowi or Prabowo will most likely be paired with magnetic running mate , vice presidential search to be more attractive , " he said .

Previously , a number of names mentioned most likely to be the vice presidential candidate Jokowi , including the former Chief of Staff of the Army ( Chief of Staff ) Ryamizard Ryacudu , former Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Mahfud MD , and former Vice President Jusuf Kalla . Meanwhile , Prabowo still exploring a coalition with a number of parties and has not been predicted who would be digandengnya as vice president .

Meanwhile , the other party is predicted to form a new shaft as Golkar and Democrat , according to Alvan , have not seen to get enough support to move forward in the presidential election .

Especially with regard to Golkar , Alvan said , the position of presidential candidates , Aburizal " Ical " Bakrie doomed to fail because of the rapid advance of internal criticism after failing to bring the party won legislative elections . He considered , it is not impossible Golkar will join one of the shaft after the national leadership meeting held in the second week of May 2014 .