Thursday, May 22, 2014

Singapore Airlines Aircraft Slipping in Myanmar

A Singapore Airlines plane skidded off the runway while landing in heavy rain conditions in Myanmar Yangon International Airport on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . No injuries in the incident , the airline said Thursday .

An Airbus A330 " face of heavy rain and a little turned off the runway while landing " on Wednesday , at 09:20 local time , before directed back safely , the airline said in a statement . " The plane was towed to the gate and the passengers get off as normal . " The airline added that a replacement aircraft has been sent to Yangon airport for flight back to Singapore .

The plane , flight number SQ998 was serving a daily route to Myanmar , carrying 265 passengers and crew , the airline said the AFP news agency .
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On May 9 , an Airbus A380 super jumbo aircraft operated by the airline on a flight to Hong Kong was forced to return to Singapore after the pilots received a warning about a problem with the cargo door .

In January , one of the airline 's A380 fleet was forced to make an emergency landing in Azerbaijan after decreasing the air pressure in the cabin . These are then told , an investigation into the incident focused on the main deck door that appears to have a leak .

Singapore Airlines has 19 A380s unit with five others in the booking . The planes were operated on routes from Singapore to various destinations including Hong Kong , Frankfurt , London , and Los Angeles .


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