Monday, May 26, 2014

Push Presidential Election Integrity, Formappi Envelope Submit to the Commission

Indonesian Parliament Concerned Citizens Forum ( Formappi ) handed " Envelope Political Accountability " to the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) . Submission of this envelope is a form of action that is performed in order to encourage Formappi presidential election integrity , dignity , and free from money politics .

" Envelope often symbolized practice bribery or money politics . So if people give envelopes identical to give something , give money to bribe the other party . Therefore we do otherwise , we give the envelope as cons of campaign bribes , as accountability envelope , the envelope is given symbolically to the Commission , " said Chairman Sebastian Salang Formappi in Building Commission , Brass .

Sebastian handed a brown envelope marked " Envelope Political Accountability " to one of the public relations staff of the Commission in the presence of the media . The envelope containing a piece of paper and flyers Formappi statement that encourages the organization of the presidential election conducted in a dignified manner .

Sebastian said he handed the envelope to the Commission because the anti-corruption agency is an institution whose integrity is recognized that the Commission deems appropriate communities to encourage piplres dignified campaign .
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According to him , Formappi not want penyenggaraan presidential election running as organizing legislative elections last month . Sebastian calls pileg held last month as a brutal election .

" As it turns out this election was marred kecuangan practice , practice transactions , money politics exceptional , and the results that we get 560 members of the House who now has announced the Commission , " he said .

Formappi , he added , would also like to encourage the election organizers can later act professional , accountable , and transparent . The organizers shall not engage in election vote-buying transactions . " There should be received bribes from the pair -vice presidential candidate yet. If no spouse or his campaign team did attempt to bribe , then the election organizers had to report , " said Sebastian .


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