Monday, May 19, 2014

BI: Join the Influence of External Conditions Domestic Economic Conditions

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) said in scrutinizing the national economic slowdown , not only the internal conditions that must be considered . External conditions must be observed , as can tertransmisi into the domestic economy .

Executive Director of the Department of macroprudential policy Darsono BI said , one of the global risks that have been observed BI and other financial authorities is the policy of withdrawal of monetary stimulus by the Federal Reserve or tapering off .
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" External conditions macro must also be considered , one of which U.S. tapering off . However , the domestic financial system we are familiar with it and have made efforts anticipatory . Been associated lah price in matters related tapering off , " said Darsono in BI Headquarters , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Darsono mentioned , issues related to the financial system not only in terms of domestic , global issues were no less important . From the global aspect , he said , global issues can come creeping into other countries .

He gave the example of a financial crisis that occurred in 2008. " From a global aspect , the financial system that can live to rampant inter-state . Bankrupt or insolvent But if ya domestic affairs . We learned from the global crisis in the U.S. for example, when Lehman Brothers . Impact could spread to other countries , " said Darsono .

Darsono explained , in the event of a global risk , can quickly spread to the domestic financial sector . At the start of the stock market , bond market , and continues to the foreign exchange market . Therefore, the Bank is continuously monitoring these risks and mitigate the risks that exist so that the national financial sector remains healthy and intact.

"If the affected globally , it will have an impact well into the financial industry . There is also the impact of the debtor . If the corporations or individuals who become debtors of banks affected by external conditions , for example , we also would be impacted , " he explained .


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