Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ministry of Social HR prepare reliable tackle social issues

Ministry of Social Affairs to prepare human resources ( HR ) to reliably address the social problems that continue to thrive today .

" Solving social problems can not only be reactive approach but must be supported structured trained personnel , " said Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Toto Utomo, Budi Santosa in a press statement received by AFP , at Balikpapan on Saturday .

It was announced by Toto currently provide guidance on the implementation of the event welcomed the strengthening of human resources Bureaucratic Reform in Lembang , West Java.
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Social problems in various areas growing very rapidly , not only the issue of street children , persons with disabilities , and neglected elderly alone . Currently developing a new phenomenon , namely the rise of social conflict and violence in the family and the child .

HR reliably prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs in addition to elements of society , such as the Disaster Response Team , Rapid Response Team , Social Welfare Society , also the position of the organizers of the management in this regard to the Ministry of Social Affairs employee .

Ministry of Social Affairs in accordance with tupoksinya have some sphere of work in accordance with the Law No. 11 Year 2009 on Social Welfare , the disaster , neglect , disability , disability , poverty , isolation , and violence .

In its implementation is divided in social rehabilitation , social empowerment , social protection and social security .

To improve the performance of employees , Kemensos perform a variety of technical and managerial training , including refresher employee with the dynamics in the open method as practiced in Lembang today .


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