Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vimeo Blocked Because Nudity Shake ?

Video sharing service Vimeo has been ordered to be blocked because according Tifatul Sembiring 's site contains pornographic content payload .

" The report from the Trust team + that Vimeo explicitly contain pornographic content . Teams Trust + gives instructions for unblocking Vimeo , " says @ tifsembiring on Twitter .

But unfortunately , many of the accused if it is just a trick I can to cover the release of a video Nudity in a campaign party stronghold close to the minister .

One of them received such emails from readers who detikINET send the video link titled " Rocking Nudity in MCC Candidates Campaign on Vimeo " .

In the video duration 3 minutes 29 seconds it was exposed very clearly a dangdut singer dressed in a tight white transparent sexy swaying in an event . It also got crowded fuss on Twitter with a target account @ tifsembiring .

When confirmed , Telkom join Vimeo received orders blocking of the list of Trust + Ministry of Communications also claimed to not know anything about the existence of a supposedly sexy content so this causal blocking .

" There is no interest from Speedy to block . Everything we do is based on an update of the Trust + Kominfo admin letter we received dated May 9, 2014 , " said Vice President of Public Relations Arif Telkom Prabowo .
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Tifatul also denied rocking Nudity on Vimeo MCC was part of the campaign . " This video slander , no campaigns such as the MCC . Sdh We check , the event Nudity and banners plastered MCC ... , " countered @ tifsembiring .


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