Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Interesting, Swimming Pool Transformed So Beautiful Boutique

Architect Nobuo Araki of the Archetype just finished renovating a facility such as swimming pool on the ground floor of an apartment building in Tokyo. The pool at the apartments from the 1970s this is no longer used .

In fact , the space can be reused for various other purposes , including commercial space . For Araki , this golden opportunity . He was just a little change to get the look that much different space .

Araki has been " gently " updating the facility . First of all , he and his team ensure that sunlight can enter into this facility is quite a lot . They use glass ceiling to make it happen .

Then , another thing that is most visible in the ceramic polishing the facility . The interface is no longer dull as before .

Araki does not change a lot of things . Form of an existing niche in this facility unpunished . He just adds a bigger ladder so that the inside of the pool can be accessed easily . Moreover , to equate the pond surface height , Araki and his team partially closing the glass floor .

Araki added a kind of steel pipe which resembles the existing stairs in the pool to hang the cabinets storefront . The same pipes hanging from the ceiling but also used as a clothes hanger .
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Facilities are located in Minato Ward , Tokyo , Japan has an area of ​​161.4 m2 . In the blueprint , it appears that Araki not only provides for a boutique showrooms , but also a fitting room and two storage rooms stock .


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