Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter Fax North Korea South Korea Make It So Threats

Monday morning is the beginning of a stressful day for the two neighboring countries , but not out of enemies , namely North Korea and South Korea . A letter in the office fax machine spit out the South Korean military carries an important message from the neighbor .
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" A military exercise will be conducted . They warned us , "says Wee Yong - sub , deputy spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense , Monday, April 3, 2013 .

This step is carried out of North Korea Kim Jong - un . In fact , this is the first announcement of war games Yag declared North Korea to the neighbors . " We regard it as a threat notification and we 've got it all , " says Wee told the media . " Mail notification program that has activated our crisis management operations . "

Indeed, North Korea is usually very closed with matters relating to military exercises . However , now it is different now . Therefore , the tension has been bubbling on the border between the two countries ( Read : North Korean incursions Forcing Displaced People ) .
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Mutual action between the troops fired artillery North Korea and South Korea in waters near two disputed islands has forced residents living on the island of Yeongpyeong dam Baengnyeon to leave his home . They were evacuated to shelters that are considered safe .

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