Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Being a Witness in the Dark Continent Great Immigration

TOURISM adventure following should you jajal immediately . Because environmental conditions threaten endangered in its existence until a few years into the future .
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Check out his review below, as quoted by CNN :

Being a Witness in the Dark Continent Great Immigration
Every mid- year , in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve , Tanzania , and Kenya unique phenomenon involving wild animals . This phenomenon is called the great migration .

Migration fault is when large populations of zebra , gazelle , and wildebeest stampede moved from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara . Occurs from July to October , this phenomenon is caused by changes in the air at their home . These animals do for the sake of air displacement and more convenient food source . When the seasons change again , they will return to Tanzania .

Migration is a natural phenomenon where you can see the interesting behavior of wild animals that have occurred over 20,000 years , but this phenomenon is now threatened with extinction .
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Poaching , global warming , land clearing , and the war became the main cause of this phenomenon is almost extinct . These factors lead to drastically decreased the number of wild animals so great migration also looks deserted .


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