Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deputy Mayor Rejects Closure Gang Dolly Surabaya

Deputy Mayor Vishnu Sakti Buana Surabaya reject prostitution Dolly lokalisi closing on June 19 . Chairman of the PDI - P Surabaya Surabaya City Government was asked to review the closing time until local people are really ready .

Vishnu rate, people have not fully accepted the concept of recovery offered post - closure Surabaya City Gang Dolly .

" City Government should be more intensively to meet with local people and formulate the best concept of mutual benefit , " he said , Monday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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According to Brown , if only to give severance to commercial sex workers ( CSW ) and also a pimp , it's not a solution . The responsibility of the municipal government , said Vishnu , ensuring the sustainability of the income of its citizens .

"If Dolly is closed , the city government must ensure that the income of local people have long relied on prostitution activities such as selling cigarettes , parking attendants , laundress , and other work , " said Vishnu .

If Dolly is closed , said Vishnu , certainly appears many veiled prostitution , shaped boarding house , adult karaoke , massage parlors , and so on , which would prejudice the City Government . Now alone , said Vishnu , many emerging boarding house who use obscene .

Surabaya City , East Java provincial government supported , will close localization reputedly the largest in Southeast Asia on June 19 or before the month of fasting .

Billions budget prepared for severance prostitutes and pimps , prostitutes training , buy a house and localization . Currently , there are approximately 1,080 sex workers in complex operating Dolly . They are active in dozens of house with about 300 more pimping .


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